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Rin and Shiemi - Animated First Kiss
fan art

Lots of new art in the Ao no Exorcist section!

I added a huge back-log of fan art to Ao no Exorcist that I’ve neglected to upload in the past couple of months! Some is NSFW, so browse carefully.

We Three Kings
Lucifer, Samael, Amaimon
We Three Kings - Lineart
Lucifer, Samael, Amaimon – Line art
Reach for the Stars
Shiemi and Nii enjoying the evening.
Ripping Space and Time to Wish You a Happy Birthday
Rin tearing the fabric of space and time to wish Shiemi a happy birthday (since her b-day for 2018 happened while he was in the past in current chapters).
Time Reigns Over All
Mephisto where he wants to be: on a pile of corpses and enjoying the show.
Ya Talkin' ta Me?
Nemu Takara
Honorary Sister
Shiemi with Izumo and Tsukumo Kimiki
Mephisto doodle!
More Shiemi and Nii cuteness.
Save My Friends
Post 98.
Monochrome portrait on a colored background. Just playing with styles.
Shiemi's Room
A rendition of Shiemi's room. More of an ambiance thing than true perspective.
Rin and Shiemi - Animated First Kiss
Tried my hand at a simple animation!

Who Doesn't Love a Bath?
Mephisto enjoying some quiet time in the tub!
Like What You See?
Caution! NSFW! Male nudty!
Mephisto continuing to lounge in his bath, but the bubbles are dissipating.