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  • Do you take art requests?

    Sometimes. But really, you’re more likely to get a response if I actually know you and have talked with you before, and a lot of the free art I do is gift art for friends. The best way to show support is by commissioning me to make something for you… or just being chatty!

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  • Can I use _______ drawing for _______ reason?

    Well, that depends on what drawing your talking about and for what reason. Ask me for permission first. I’m pretty amiable about things, but I want to control where it can be found. Must be non-profit. If you want to use one of my works for a profitable use, consult me first and we’ll negotiate usage and fees. Do not repost my work on other sites, forums, or social media. For Pinterest and tumblr, please link to my deviartart account (kiellessa) since that takes them to gallery. Anything found on the commissions page cannot be used in any way, shape, or form, unless, of course, it’s your commission. Have my name (either…

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