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Our Father, Who Art in Heaven
fan art

Mini comic dump!

The mini-comics I’ve made! Some are mildly NSFW, so browse carefully.

Our Father, Who Art in Heaven
Shiro's response to chapter 97-98. Minimal, but he can't do much other than annoy Mephisto… or make him sentimental depending how you see their relationship. For the-fox-populi-says on tumblr.
98 - Shura's reaction
She told him it'd be his head next time. She wasn't joking.
Nekkid Party
Post 98. For timereversalsymmetry on tumblr.
How Satan Met Your Mother
NSFW! Mephisto's explanation of Rin and Yukio's beginnings
Chapters 97- 98
Rin and Yukio (feat Lucifer)